Looking for a wonderful way to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day? Our create-your-own Mother’s Day Brunch pulls together simple crafts and recipes to make a gorgeous celebration right in your own home…no reservation required.


Waffle Bar

We created a delicious waffle bar with toppings of fresh berries, fruit preserves and maple syrup in individual bowls. If you own a waffle iron, here’s a great time to put it to use. If not, try toaster waffles, pancakes, or french toast as tasty alternatives.





Easy Mother’s Day Quiche

We adapted our recipe to fit in mini pie tins by separating the egg mixture into fourths. The below instructions will work for a 9 inch pie tin or a 10 inch quiche pan.



Pre-made pie crust, thawed

2 cups milk

4 eggs

8 oz shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup grated parmesan cheese

Sage, rosemary and thyme to taste


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease your pie tin or pan.

In a large bowl, beat together eggs, cheeses, milk and herbs.


Place pie dough in tins. Pour in egg mixture.




Bake for 45-50 minutes, checking frequently, until the eggs are set and the crust edges are golden brown.



Serve and enjoy!

Mother’s Day Flower Sign


This easy, fun crafts is great for kids and grown ups to do together to show Mom just how beautiful she is! Click here for complete instructions.


To pull your brunch together, arrange your delicious goodies together along with some handmade cards. Let Mom get some well-deserved sleep, then help her enjoy her special day!


Happy Earth Day! It’s the perfect day to celebrate the great outdoors with a picnic in the park, a neighborhood nature walk, or a trip to your local recycling plant. Throwing an Earth Day party or looking for some fun Earth Day crafts for kids to make the holiday extra special? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite nature-inspired projects!

1) Painted Sticks

This fun, super easy nature craft is a great way to incorporate nature into your next masterpiece! Take that nature walk, collect some twigs and sticks, and grab some paint to transform them into unique, colorful creations. They’re the perfect decorations or party favors for your Earth Day celebration!


2) Birdseed Ornaments

Give our feathered friends something special with our DIY birdseed ornaments. Just mix, mold, and let dry overnight…and then hang your treats outside for the birds to enjoy!


3) Make Your Own Herb Garden

Help your little plant all on their own with our adorable make-your-own herb garden! Bonus: studies show kids who are involved in the cooking process are more likely to eat healthy…so imagine how excited they’ll be to clean their plate when they’ve helped to grow the ingredients!


4) DIY Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder

Earth Day is all about recycling to preserve our planet’s precious natural resources. This easy nature craft is a great way to feed the birds AND repurpose a plastic bottle. Hang it out the window and enjoy the new friends with come flocking.


5) Mason Jar Succulents

This adorable mason jar succulent garden is one of our very favorite nature projects. Gather some jars and make the perfect Earth Day party centerpiece, or arrange your garden in the yard or kitchen window to enjoy all year round.


At Moonfrye, our celebrations start long before the time stamped on the party invitations. We believe involving our little ones in the party planning process helps them feel special, and keeps the celebration spirit going before the big day AND after the last bite of birthday cake is gone.

Here are five of our favorite crafts that parents and kids can do together to create an unforgettable party!

1. Glitter Party Blowers

We gave this timeless party classic a sparkly new look!


2. DIY Party Streamers

These colorful DIY streamers are the perfect way to give any party a colorful, personalized touch.

streamersmained (1)

3.  Confetti Wall

Easy, fast and so much fun to assemble, our giant paper confetti wall turns any place in your home into the perfect place to party.



4. Paper Flag Cupcake Toppers

These cheerful flags will make the dessert table extra special. For an extra touch, try personalizing each cupcake with a guest’s name!


5. Hand-Stamped Party Invitations

Set the mood for your party right from the start with our DIY hand-stamped invites. They’re a great way to get your kids involved AND let your guests know they’re in for a special celebration!


Do your kids get involved in party planning? Leave your favorite ways to make celebrations a family affair in the comment section below!


We are so inspired by the awesome styles and designs from our good friends at Domaine Home. One of the people that is constantly creating and innovating around us is our friend Estee Stanley interior designer, fashion stylist, awesome friend, the list goes on. She is someone that people always turn to for ideas and inspiration. For her son’s fifth birthday  Estee threw a camping-themed bash right in her own backyard. Inspired by a recent family trip to Idaho, which had been a hit in Teddy’s books, Stanley decided to recreate the experience herself. “I’m not really a themer, but I thought it would be a lot of fun for all the kids. I wanted to make it feel like you’re really outdoors and not in the city.” This meant that in addition to the tents Stanley made—which Teddy decorated with hand print designs cut from sponges and dipped in paint—there were authentic Pendleton blankets, little faux campfires, and real marshmallow roasting using their outdoor fireplace.



For instructions on how to throw your own amazing camping-themed party, check out the full story on Domaine!

Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial

Today, as we celebrate the life and legend of Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s easy to focus on the past–the strides we’ve taken as a society, the legacy that Martin Luther King Jr. left behind of hope, of courage,  and of compassion. But one of the most amazing things about raising children is the opportunities they give us to focus on the future.

Kids are one of the best chances we have to do things better…to help them understand things like dignity and justice, to help them dream of a better world. So whatever you’re doing today, take a moment to remember Martin Luther King, Jr. Talk to your kids, in a few words or a lot, about the significance of the holiday and of the incredible work he did to change the world. Ask them for ways they think they can make a difference. Chances are, their answers will surprise you.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, everyone!


Wishing you a healthy, happy, and exciting 2014 from all of us at Moonfrye! We’re excited to see what the New Year brings…and to make, create, and celebrate with you the whole year through!


1) Do Less, Not More

Too often we get in over our heads with New Year’s resolutions that stretch our (very human!) capabilities to the max. More time at the gym, more dieting, more savings, more sleep. This year, instead of pledging yourself to an even more maxed-out lifestyle, why not see what you could be doing less of? Take a good, honest look at your calendar and see what you’re saying ‘yes’ to that might be able to take a backseat to the things you want more of: time with your family, time to get important tasks done, or just time to relax. Maybe 2014 will be the year of fewer loads of laundry, fewer kid birthday parties, or less not-so-urgent errands…and more dance parties, messy crafts, and lazy days in the backyard.

2) Think Small

Set yourself up for success by looking at small ways you can reach your goals by doing less instead of more. Fewer, more strategic shopping trips can help save money. Give up one cup of coffee a week and see if you sleep a little more soundly at night. Skip dessert or the bread basket a few times and you’ll be making healthy, painless strides toward a sleeker figure. Don’t have an hour to spend with your kids at the end of a busy day? Take ten meaningful minutes instead and dance around the kitchen, snuggle under a blanket, or read a book. Little investments will add up to big pay payoffs in 2014!

2) Start Somewhere

You’ve got big plans for 2014. So big, in fact, that they can seem overwhelming, causing many of us to ditch our good intentions long before Valentine’s Day. Making big dreams come true, like running a marathon or finally penning that novel you’ve always wanted to write, doesn’t have to be impossible. Taking baby steps toward a middle ground will set you up for small successes and give you the confidence you need to push yourself harder. Start by running five miles a week, or writing five pages. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to making those big dreams come true, one small step at a time.

3) Make Promises You WANT to Keep

Did you make resolutions for 2013? Take a look back at which ones worked out and which ones fell by the wayside. Celebrate the victories and let go of the struggles…that’s what the New Year is all about! With a fresh clean slate to start with, use last year’s lessons to give you a starting point for what’s really important to you. Chances are you made some resolutions last year that you thought you “should” make. Those are the ones to ditch this year! If eating more kale or daily meditation doesn’t truly make you happy, scratch them off this year’s resolution list and make room for promises you’ll actually want to keep.

4) Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror and focus on who you are and where you are right now. See what’s good, and forgive yourself for what might not be perfect. New Year’s is always a tempting time to pledge full body (or mind) makeovers…but an “out with the old” approach won’t work out in the long run. Take some time to think about and celebrate the things you love about yourself and your life. With your strengths and accomplishments firmly in mind, take pen to paper and write down ways you can make life even better in 2014. Starting with the positive will bring positive changes!

5) Cheat a Little

The very best way to make New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep? Is to keep it real. Never eating sugar again, waking up every day at 5am to hit the gym, or growing all your own vegetables might work out for a few weeks, but they aren’t realistic…or sustainable. Write a (temporary) escape clause right into that resolution list to give yourself some breathing room and a better shot of sticking to the new lifestyle you’ve laid out. Give yourself one night a week when dessert is A-OK, or a “no gym allowed” morning when you’re allowed to sleep in or watch cartoons with the kiddos. Life is about balance, not perfection, and enjoying the ride is the best part of the journey.

Happy almost New Year! What’s on your resolution list this year? Leave us a comment below and tell us what your dreams are!

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Moonfrye Team! This week, we’re focused on family, friends and feeling grateful for everything we have…and that includes you! Thanks for being an important part of our journey. Wishing you a wonderful, meaningful holiday with the people you’re grateful for!


It’s time to celebrate the Festival of Lights…a holiday that honors faith, community, and everyday miracles. Wishing a very happy Chanukah to all that celebrate! Let there be light in your homes and love in your hearts the whole year to come.


Photo credit to Meeno Peluce from Let’s Get This Party Started by Soleil Moon Frye

Thanksgiving is one of our very favorite holidays. What could be better than a celebration of family, friendship, gratitude…plus lots of delicious foods and party-perfect decorations? Check out some of the ways we love to make our Thanksgiving holiday extra special! And for even more fun, simple ideas for an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration, don’t forget to check out Soleil’s new book Let’s Get This Party Started!

Create, Color, Decorate

Using magazines, online templates or good old-fashioned crayons, let your kids get in on the decorating fun and have them create holiday masterpieces to make your holiday home look even more beautiful. Not only will they feel proud when your guests ooh and ahh, but you may even find the time to make an extra batch of world-famous mashed potatoes.

Make a Thankful Tree

Cut out construction paper leaves, punch a hole in each one, and distribute to family members. Gather a branch from your back yard and tie on several loops of ribbon or yarn. Once a day, talk about the things you’re thankful (you might be surprised at some of the answers!), write them on a leaf, and hang to your branch. By the time Thanksgiving comes, you’ll have a “tree” full of wonderful reminders of all the things your family is grateful for.

Give Back

A big part of being thankful is giving back to our community and helping people who are less fortunate. Getting involved in helping others on Thanksgiving can be a meaningful and treasured family tradition. Look for food drives, shelters and community centers in your own neighborhoods…the busy holiday season guarantees they’ll need extra helping hands.

Cook Family Favorites Together

Time together in the kitchen is one of the best parts of the holidays! Even little ones can help measure ingredients for baking yummy desserts. And let older kids try their hand at creating new holiday menu items…search recipe books, magazines and websites for new dishes that look interesting and use fresh, local ingredients. Who knows…this year’s culinary experiments just might become Thanksgiving family favorites!

Practice Gratitude

one of Soleil’s favorites:

Remembering all the things we’re thankful for is a huge part of our Thanksgiving tradition. First, each family member makes list of things they’re grateful for. Then we have a blast going on a nature walk adventure to find small, smooth stones (or we gather them up right in our own backyard!) We write each item from our lists onto a stone using a gold glitter pen. Collect them in a simple vase for an easy, meaningful centerpiece!

thanksgiving1EDPhoto credit to Meeno Peluce from Let’s Get This Party Started by Soleil Moon Frye