Book Review: Double Time


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Author and blogger Jane Roper wrote the book she wished she had read when she was pregnant with her twins. Hands down, it’s the book I wish I had read, too, except it wasn’t published (or written!) in 2003 when I had my own twins.

Double Time: How I Survived- – and Mostly Thrived — Through the First Three Years of Mothering -Twins is part-memoir, part-guidebook and part-homage to her twin daughters, Clio and Elsa. The book weaves Roper’s personal journey as a Mom of twins alongside a woman battling depression with smart advice and authority in a way that will appeal to new parents of twins, twin parent veterans and expecting twin parents.

There are so many things I love about Jane’s book — her voice, her honesty, her ability to laugh at herself. Jane makes being a twin mom relatable in way that all Moms will enjoy regardless of the number of children she has or hopes to have. Among other topics she discusses:

  • Pregnancy and Labor
  • Nursing
  • Work vs. Stay at home Mom
  • Date Night
  • Being a New Mom
  • When Baby Blues Don’t Go Away
  • And more!

As much as I loved reading the parenting story (from infertility struggles to the joyful birth of the girls and their subsequent adventures), I equally loved Jane’s account of dealing with and ultimately triumphing over clinical depression.

If you want a great read that is inspiring, funny, and refreshing, add Double Time to your list. Best of all, for busy Moms of twins you can read Double Time cover to cover or in shorter chapter by chapter increments. Either way, Jane will touch you and make you smile like only a good friend can.


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