Celebrating Friendship: Mother’s Day Tea

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I love this time of year. The sun is out in California and I’ve been spending some quality time with the people I love…snuggles with the baby, time with my girls, and celebrating friendships. In between, I’ve been working like crazy getting ready for our physical product launch, which I couldn’t be more excited about. It’s a real balancing act. Sometimes, I feel like a juggler with so many balls in the air, doing my best to keep them all moving!

Last week, I got to step away from the chaos for a few minutes to spend time with my girlfriends and our little ones. My dear friend Jenni Kayne and Bash Please collaborated on decor for a Mother’s Day tea hosted by The Chalkboard and Rip Plus Tan. Everything Jenni does is beautiful and I love to see the magic she creates. It really inspires me.

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The afternoon was stunning and a special highlight was Lyric’s play date with my beautiful friend Rachel’s new baby. In addition to being the most stylish mom I know, she’s also one of the sweetest, warmest mamas ever. Check her out on one of my favorites, The Zoe Report. Our two boys were cute as could be. I’m very excited for Lyric to have an awesome buddy the same age.

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Here are some more highlights from the party and two fun crafts to do with your family. For more inspirations and all the goodies, visit Rip Plus Tan. Jenni is insanely talented and if you don’t follow her on Twitter yet, start now @JenniKayne :)

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Sun Prints

For a great activity, the little ones created sun prints using a special fabric and foraged leaves and flowers, then hung them up to dry for a sweet display.

What you will need:

Cyanotype fabric (click here to purchase)

Leaves and flowers from the backyard or garden (collect a variety of sizes)


1. Place the fabric in full sun and arrange the leaves and flowers in your desired pattern. Weigh down any flyaway leaves or flowers with a small pebble for a more visible print.
 Wait ten to fifteen minutes.

3. Remove the leaves and flowers and rinse the sun print fabric in water.
 Hang the sun print to dry for a sweet piece of art.


Wooden Necklaces & Bracelets

Natural-dyed beads and leather cord turned into an awesome project. Our little ones could use the materials to string colorful bracelets and necklaces. They were such a hit, the mamas ended up making some for themselves!

What you will need:

Natural wood beads


Leather cord


Step 1: Prior to your party, soak the wooden beads in dye. For more saturated color, add a high concentration of dye and let the beads soak longer. For pastels, soak for less time. Before putting the beads in the dye solution, make sure your dye has dissolved completely in the water to avoid spotting. Once you’re satisfied with your colors, remove the beads and let them dry completely (overnight is best, but a minimum of five hours.)

Step 2: Place each color beads into small bowls and cut varying lengths of leather cord. Let your guests have a blast making their own unique creations.

Photos and craft instructions courtesy of Rip Plus Tan.