To Make a Fairy House


“A rustle in the wind reminds us a fairy is near.”
-Author Unknown

I can always tell when something weighs heavily on her sweet little mind.  Her eyes linger on the great outdoors just a little bit longer.  She twirls the very end of the longest strand of her sun kissed brown hair around her finger, slowly bringing it to her cherry red lips and back again.  A heavy sigh escapes…

“Mommy, what if the fairies don’t know I’m spending the summer at the beach?  How will they find me?”

“Hmmm.  What do you think, sweet girl?  Is there a way to let them know?”

“I think they always hear me because I know they like to hide around, but I’m worried they won’t know where to go.”

“Well…they always enjoy the things you leave for them.  What can leave them to let them know?  A shell?”

“I know!  A note!  I can write a note to tell them where to go!”

With that, she carefully wrote a very small note in very small writing fit for a fairy.

Dear Fairies,

I will be in GLP this summer. 

Love, Riley.

“But Mommy?  Where will they live?  I only made them a house here.  They don’t have one there.”

“You know, sweet girl.  It sounds like we might have a project to do.  A fairy needs a beach house, after all.”

A smile crept across her face as her mind wandered to the thoughts of crafting the perfect beach house for her favorite little friends…

To Make a Fairy House:

You need:

  • We love these wooden unpainted birdhouses from Michael’s, but any old shoebox or small cardboard box will do.
  • Acrylic paints in bright colors (according to Riley, the bright colors are a must)
  • Paint brushes in various sizes
  • Added extras for pizazz (shells, glitter, buttons, etc.)
  • A firm belief in fairies


What to do:

Get outside!  Fairies bring us nature and the changing of the seasons.  It’s best to create a fairy house surrounded by fresh air, sunshine, and nature.

Paint!  Try to step back mamas…when we give our children the freedom to create without suggestions or restrictions, their imagination blooms.  Sit back and watch the magic come to life.

Talk.  These quiet time projects are perfect for truly bonding with your children.  In these moments you will find the opportunities to get to know the inner workings of your child.  Turn off those phones…better yet, leave them inside!  These are the moments you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy.  The magic comes and goes over time.  Remember to hold these moments close.  You will need these memories one day…that much I can promise.



2 comments responses to "To Make a Fairy House"

  • What wonderful stories you can tell about the fairies that visit and live there!

    posted by: jdaniel4smom on July 11, 2013

  • Ha! I was going to write about making a fairy house w/my daughter! Great minds think alike. And, as I have said before, I think our daughters would get along VERY well. Their mommies, too. :)

    posted by: efloraross on July 11, 2013