DIY Hair Bows


Start the spring season with some old school charm and top off any outfit with our adorable DIY hair bows! Your little ones are guaranteed to look adorable in them, and they’ll be so proud to tell their friends they created them all on their own.hairclipmaterials

What you will need:

Plain hair clips

Colorful ribbon (1/2″ thick)




Step 1: Measure and cut a piece of ribbon the same length as the hair clip. Glue the ribbon to the top of the hair clip.


Step 2: Cut a separate piece of ribbon and tie a knot to establish the center of the bow.


Step 3: Continue tying the ribbon into a bow and cut the ends off evenly.


Step 4: Dab a small amount of glue to the back of the bow and glue it to the center of the hair clip. Allow it to dry completely then try it on!