DIY Play Dough Stress Balls


Let’s face it…parenting can get stressful sometimes! That’s why we are such huge fans of this easy DIY Play Dough Stress Balls craft…it’s a great way to get creative with your kids and relieve a little tension at the same time! Plus with all the bright colors, you are almost guaranteed to have a smile on your face by the time you’re finished.


What you will need:

Play dough


Wooden rolling pin


Step 1: Make a ball with your play dough.

Step 2: Using the rolling pin and a smooth surface, roll your ball into a flat pancake shape.


Step 3: Starting at one end, roll the pancake up into a tube.


Step 4: Insert the play dough tube into the balloon, pressing down to fill the balloon from the bottom up.


Step 5: Tie the neck of the balloon into a knot.


Repeat, squeeze and enjoy!

10 comments responses to "DIY Play Dough Stress Balls"

  • Camille!!! The play dough should hold up since the balloon is air tight. Make a few just in case :)

    posted by: Moonfrye Team on March 14, 2014

  • But what if your play dough dries and your left with a hard stress ball

    posted by: Camille on March 13, 2014

  • Works best when filled with flour!

    posted by: Savanah on January 20, 2014

  • These look like fun, so simple too! We’ll have to give it a try!

    posted by: Crystal on December 31, 2013

  • I like the idea for my 3rd grade daughter to use at school. She can hide it in her desk and when she starts stressing she can squeeze it a few times and re-focus. Thanks for this great idea.

    posted by: on September 24, 2013

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  • We use them with our autism kids and fill the balloons with flour. I love the play dough twist. I wonder if the play dough eventully dries out.

    posted by: Anne Locklin on July 25, 2013

  • Excellent idea! Will be making with my Two beautiful kids Ayla (6) and Riley (17m) : ) X

    posted by: Caddy on July 25, 2013

  • Love this! It looks so cute!

    posted by: potianiraye on July 19, 2013

  • that´s cool Soleil ! I made the balls with rice inside of ballons ! :-)

    posted by: Orchinen Critius (@Orchinen) on July 19, 2013