Feather Headbands


Bring Paris fashion home with our super simple, Parisian-inspired feather headbands! Perfect for dress up, theme parties, or everyday play, these bright accessories are sure to  make a statement…and create hours of fun!


What you will need:

Brightly colored craft feathers, large size

Velvet ribbon (ours was approximately 3″  thick)



Hot glue gun


Step 1: Using scissors, trim the feather stem so that approximately two inches remain.


Step 2: Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around each child’s head with plenty of room on either end to tie into a bow. Place the feather in the center of the ribbon as shown.


Step 3: Cut a small square of felt and, using the hot glue gun, glue it in place over the stem.


Step 4: Once the glue has dried, tie onto your child’s head as pictured below.


Now you’re ready to party, Paris-style!

3 comments responses to "Feather Headbands"

  • Flappers! This is a cool craft– I like those extra large feathers.

    posted by: Bianca on January 2, 2014

  • My kids would love these for their costume closet. The velvet ribbon adds a special twist.

    posted by: Vilma on January 2, 2014

  • Very cute. I wish I had made these for NYE!

    posted by: Rebecca on January 2, 2014