Make Your Own Memory Game


We’re in love with this simple DIY wood craft that lets you make your own memory game…guaranteed to brings of hours of fun! Memory games help build cognitive skills like thinking speed and concentration in kids and adults, too. It’s the perfect way to get crafty and brainy all in one afternoon!


What you will need:

Wood slats (Michael’s, craft or hardware stores)

Acrylic paint

Paint brush


Step 1: Create your memory game by painting two identical objects on each pair of wood slats. Get creative with the objects you paint!


Step 2: When your finished with painting all your wood slats, shuffle them around and flip them all over. Start playing the game by flipping over two cards at a time.


Step 3: Test your memory by trying to flip two of the same wood slats over! The more cards you make, the more difficult the game will be.


Step 4: When you flip over a pair, take them out of the game and continue playing!