Personalized Gloves


Baby, it’s cold outside! Winter sports are so much fun…but cold wet hands? Not so much. Transform plain old winter gloves into stylish, monogrammed versions that your kids won’t complain about wearing. This personalized gloves tutorial will have everyone ready to hit the slopes, the sledding hill, or just brave the chilly walk to school…


What you will need:

Solid colored gloves

Felt in contrasting colors


Fabric glue


Step 1: Cut out letters for each pair of gloves from the felt. You’ll need two letters per pair (either first and last initial, or a matching set of two.)


Step 2: Apply fabric glue to the back of the felt letters.


Step 3: Apply letters to the back of the gloves as shown, pressing firmly. Remember to face your gloves thumbs in to ensure everyone will be able to see your initials!


Step 4: Allow glue to dry completely before wearing. Now you and your personalized gloves are ready for some winter fun!


Step 5:

3 comments responses to "Personalized Gloves"

  • Anything personalized has my name on it! Nice way to keep warm and look stylish.

    posted by: Charlie Zane on December 20, 2013

  • These are perfect for ice skating and a nice way to keep track of your gloves! Super cute Moonfrye.

    posted by: Jennifer - Texas on December 20, 2013

  • My kids would love these!

    posted by: Chelsea Diaz on December 20, 2013