Recycled Bottle Bowling


Turn the backyard into your very own bowling alley with our recycled bottle bowling craft! With a little paint and some rescued bottles, you’ll soon have an easy DIY game everyone in the family will love.


What you will need:

Plastic bottles , cleaned and dry (we used six to make a mini set; use ten for a more realistic bowling experience!)

Tennis ball

Red and white paint



Step 1: Paint the exterior of the bottles white.


Step 2: With red paint, create two stripes on the neck of the bottle.


Step 3: Paint the tennis ball with red paint and allow to dry completely.



Step 4: Once the bottles and ball are dry, set up your backyard bottle bowling game in your house or backyard. It’s time to bowl!




3 comments responses to "Recycled Bottle Bowling"

  • Fun we r going to try this. With snow melting it’s just mud everywhere even the park do some fun indoor craft games is just what we need.

    posted by: Alice on March 13, 2014

  • this would make for a great activity for any playdate.

    posted by: Lawanda on January 16, 2014

  • Nice way to teach kids about reusing!

    posted by: Lauren on January 16, 2014